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This is a preview of Rev Dr Steven’s life changing book

“Your Prayers - Answered”

This excerpt is made available free of charge.

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Your Prayers – Answered

A practical guide to receiving answers to your prayers

By International Best Selling Author, Minister and Psychologist

Rev Dr Steven

Copyright 2010 More Than Life Inc. All rights reserved

To download the complete book “Your Prayers – Answered” or to purchase the Print Edition please click here.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. God is waiting to answer your prayers

Chapter 2. A backlog of unanswered prayer

Chapter 3. Special People, special prayers

Chapter 4. Why some prayers are answered and some are not

Chapter 5. Faith needs fertile ground.

Chapter 6. Sewing a seed of faith

Chapter 7. It matters what you sow

Chapter 8. Make a wish, turn it into a prayer

Chapter 9. Looking for the answer to your prayer

Chapter 10. When God says the answer is no

Chapter 11. The gift of thanks

Chapter 12. You can’t fool God.

Chapter 13. The art of giving

Chapter 14. It’s in your heart

Chapter 15. I believe

Chapter 16. Real people, Real Answers

Chapter 17. The More Than Life Answers to Prayer Method

Chapter 18. Frequently asked questions

Chapter 1

God is waiting to answer your prayer

Have you ever dreamed that you could have whatever you want?

Enough money, a nice car, a great relationship, a happy family, a good job, a nice house, good friends, health, happiness, everything your heart desires?

Do you need more money than you make every week? Are you desperate to pay the bills? Are you unhappy in a relationship? Do you want to lose weight?

God has the solution to every problem that you have, health, wealth and happiness can be yours. God Will answer your prayers and freely give you more than you could ever imagine, you just have to know how to ask and that is what I am going to show you in this book “Your Prayers – Answered”

It doesn’t matter how big or how small the request that you have to make, it doesn’t matter if you are a regular churchgoer or not, if you feel that you have a relationship with God or you don’t. It doesn’t matter if you are a bad person or a good one, if you are rich or poor, if you are in good health or sick, if you are black or white. It doesn’t matter if you are worthy or unworthy, if your parents are religious or not, if you have tried praying before or if this is your first time.

Whatever your personal situation, whoever you are, good or bad, rich or poor, young or old the fact is that God is waiting to answer your prayer.

The Bible says:

Ask and you shall receive

Seek and you shall find

Knock and the door shall be opened unto you

If you ask anything in my name it shall be given to you

If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain “Move from here to there” and it will move.

And there are many, many more references that tell us that God is ready and waiting to answer your prayer today.

In the same way that it gives you pleasure when you are able to give something meaningful to your family, it gives God pleasure when he is able to give something to you.

And God has a whole universe full of treasures to give to us. It is not as if he is rationing out favors from a limited supply. His supply of good things to give is simply limitless and he is waiting to give them freely to those who are bold enough to ask him for them.

Every prayer you ever prayed…

…every wish you ever made

…God is waiting to make your wish come true.

It doesn’t matter how big or how small, God has such massive reserves that a big prayer is just the same to him as a small one. If a poor person were to give you a ‘big’ gift it might be a book or maybe some costume jewelry. If a billionaire were to give you a ‘small’ gift it might be a new car or some diamonds.

God is the ultimate billionaire. He has all the resources of the universe at his disposal. and he is waiting to share his bounty with you.

You don’t have to be someone special for God to share with you. You don’t have to enter a monastery or a convent and spend your life in prayer. You don’t have to go to a particular Church. God has so much to give that he is willing to share it with everyone who will simply ask him for it.

God is not holding his fist tightly closed, God is not rationing his supply, God is not drip feeding good things slowly to people who are desperate and in need.

You don’t have to agonize in prayer, you don’t have to plead day after day, week after week, month after month. You don’t have to wear out the knees of your pants as you make your needs and wishes known.

God wants to answer your prayers and he is ready and willing to do it.

Every day here at More Than Life we hear from people who have experienced God’s bounty for themselves. Every day we hear that needs have been met, wants have been fulfilled, miracles have taken place, debts have been paid, sick people have been made whole, wishes have come true, families have been reconciled, marriages have been saved, new cars have been provided, people have found a new place to live, foreclosures have been halted.

What you pray for and the answer that you receive is only limited by your imagination. If you make small requests you will receive small answers. If you make big requests, the size of the answer is limited only by your own imagination. God has the whole universe from which to pluck his supply of good things. It doesn’t matter to him if your request is as small as a grain of mustard or as big as a mountain. It is no greater challenge to God to supply you with big answers than small ones. To us it may be a massive difference, but to God it is all the same.

In our minds we cannot imagine the vastness of God’s wealth. We think in terms of our own lives and our own situation. We wonder how we are going to find enough to pay the next month’s rent, how to find the money to get the car repaired, we worry about a family member who is sick, we wish that we could do something for our child who is in need, we could really use a vacation to rest from the stresses of life, we just want to be able to make ends meet and have a little over to do something nice for the family.

Let’s go back to our billionaire. He could spend more on a bottle of good wine than we earn in a month, and he wouldn’t even think about it. God is the ultimate billionaire. He has all the resources of the universe at his disposal and the good news is that he is waiting to share them with you.

Getting an answer to your prayer is not about who you are, it is about who God is. And God is rich beyond measure, whether it is material goodness, health and healing, things to make our lives easier, something for our family, help with the stresses of life, whatever our need, God has the answer for it and the good news is that God is waiting to answer your prayers.

“OK, I understand the theory, and I believe that what you say is true, that God really is waiting to answer my prayers, but how can I make this work for me?”

“I have tried praying before, I have spent hours asking for something I need and it just hasn’t worked. How can I get God to answer my prayers?”

“I have seen people around me get wonderful answers to their prayers, but it just doesn’t seem to work for me. What am I doing wrong?”

“I am not sure I believe what you are saying. I am willing to try, but I really need to be persuaded.”

“I am not a Christian. Can this work for me?”

I am going to show you how, by applying the More Than Life Answers to Prayer Method, your prayers can be answered.

I am going to show you that whoever you are, God is waiting to answer your prayers.

I am going to show you that even if you have not had your prayers answered in the past, by following a simple method you can have your prayers answered now.

In the following chapters of this book I am going to take you on a journey of discovery. I am going to show you how you can get God’s attention. I am going to share with you, step by step, exactly what you have to do to ensure that God is going to answer your prayers.

If you follow along with what I am going to share with you in this book you will unleash the power of answered prayer in every part of your life. You will find out how God can bless you with spiritual blessings, with material benefits, with health, with happiness. You will find out how Prayer can get you a great job, help you pay your mortgage, reunite your family, get you that new car and so much more.

God is waiting for you to ask him for big things. I am going to show you how you can make that prayer effective. Take the time to follow along with me. This small investment will reap big rewards.

Chapter 2

A Backlog of Unanswered Prayer

Time and time again people tell me this:

“I pray all the time for small things and big things. It often seems that the small prayers get answered whilst the big ones don’t.”

It seems as though it is easy to get a prayer answered when there is not a lot at stake, or when the outcome is something small. Millions of small miracles happen every day all around this country and indeed, all around the world.

How many times do people tell us that God answered their prayer? But mostly it seems that these answers are for the little things. Yes, they make a big difference in our every-day lives but they are not earth shattering.

Ask most people (and there are many exceptions) to tell you of prayers that have been answered and usually the reply will be that God answered a small prayer. It’s not often that someone replies that they asked God for a million dollars and the next day it arrived in the mail. It even is not frequent that someone will reply that they prayed for a relative who has a terminal disease and God healed them – permanently.

These things do happen, but for most of us who pray, the really big answers often seem just out of reach. Of course we know that prayer works, if it didn’t then millions upon millions of people who pray every day of their lives would soon give up. People won’t keep doing something day after day if it doesn’t work. We know that prayer works. We know that God answers prayers. We have had our prayers answered. Sometimes that answer is so simple it was staring us in the face all the time. Sometimes that answer is a true miracle that we just could not have foreseen.

God answers prayer, of that there is no doubt at all. So why does it seem that the little prayers get answered so much easier and quicker than the really, really big ones?

Many of you who are reading this are doing so because you really believe that God answers prayer. You have seen it in your own lives. Countless times you have prayed for something and God has answered. You know that it works, there is no doubt about that. But now you are faced with something big. You have prayed and prayed, but the answer doesn’t seem to come. Sometimes it even seems that God has deserted you. Where is this God who has always answered your prayers? Why now will he not do something that means so much to you.

It may be that you are facing the loss of your employment and you cannot get a new job. It may be that you are facing foreclosure on your house. It may be that you are facing a health issue for yourself or for a loved one. It may be that you have a child and you see them going down the wrong path in life. It may be that you have bills that you cannot meet. It may be that you need repairs to your house or your car. It may be that you need a vacation to recharge yourself from the stresses that you have been through. It may be that your retirement funds have dwindled and you just don’t know how you are going to make ends meet. It may be none of these but something that to you is really big and you just cannot seem to get the answer that you need.

I don’t believe that there is any difference as far as God is concerned between a big prayer and a little one. If you think about it, God owns the universe, the heavens and all their bounty. It is no more or less difficult for God to provide something truly big than it is for him to give us something small. To God a million dollars is but a drop in the ocean, there is no difference to God between one million dollars and one hundred dollars. To God there is no difference between a Cadillac and a beat up Chevvy. It is no harder for him to answer a big prayer than a little one.

There is no difference to God between a common cold and a life threatening cancer. There is no difference to God between the bills you cannot pay. Whether it is the utility bill of just a few bucks or the mortgage payment of hundreds of dollars that you can’t make, there is no difference to God. God doesn’t have to work harder to answer a thousand dollar prayer than he does to answer a ten dollar prayer.

So why is it that our smaller prayers get answered so much easier than our big ones? If it is all the same to God, what is different that makes our simple prayers get answered whilst our big ones sometimes don’t?

If the answer to that question does not lie with God, the only other place it can lie is with us.

So, does that mean that if your prayers do not get answered that you are to blame? We know that God answers prayer, we know that to God it does not matter at all how big the request is. It seems amazing and almost cruel that God would give us such a wonderful tool to use, that he would start to answer our prayers and then somehow tell us that we were not good enough, or big enough or that we were not holy enough to get our prayers answered when it really matters.

People will tell you that it is your fault that your big prayers don’t get answered. They will tell you that there is sin in your life, they will tell you that you do not have enough faith, they will tell you that your life is not holy enough. People will tell you that you must pray more fervently, that you must believe more sincerely that there is something wrong with you that your prayer is not answered.

We know that there cannot be anything wrong with God, so they will tell you that there must be something wrong with you.

People will tell you this because they do not have the answer. They do not know why your prayer is not being answered so they will take the simple route and put the blame on you.

Now let me tell you something that will make a massive difference to how you understand the whole matter of prayer. This will be the biggest thing you have ever heard. This will release you from all the feelings of failure, all the tension, all the worry, all the guilt, all the frustration, all the anger that goes with not receiving an answer to your prayer.

This single statement has the power to transform your life. This one simple fact can make prayer fun again. No longer will you be striving. No longer will you be frustrated. No longer will you be guilty. No longer will you be searching for some sin in your life that is preventing God from answering your prayer. No longer will you be staying up late at night pleading with God because your prayer is not answered. No longer will you agonize that you are not holy enough for God to bless you.

The simple fact is this. When God does not seem to answer your prayer…

To download the complete book “Your Prayers – Answered” or to purchase the Print Edition please click here.

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