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Bring My Lover Back

Make Me Rich

Satisfying Sex

Stop My Divorce

Make Me Irresistible

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Lose Weight Fast

Make Me Healthy

Speak the Truth

Break or Reverse a Curse

Bring Me Justice


Bring My Lover Back

Lust After Me

Stop My Divorce

Make Me Irresistible

Make Him/Her Want Me

Fall in Love with Me

Keep My Lover Faithful

Keep us Together Always

Stop Him/Her from Wandering

Happy Marriage

Find Me a Soul Mate

Break Them Up

Successful Dating

Satisfying Sex

Your Fantasy Fulfilled



Make Me Rich

Make Me Lucky

A Little Bit Extra

I Need a New Car

My Dream Home

I Need Someplace to Live

Custom Wealth λόγος

Health and Healing:

Lower My Blood Pressure

Heal My Disease

Cure my Depression

Heal Someone Else


Make my kids love me

Protect my kids from harm

Unite us as a family


Stop Smoking

Addiction to Drink

Addiction to Drugs

Other Addictions

Lose Weight Fast


Whatever You Need or Wish

Only Limited by Your Imagination…

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Words that really work

More Than Life

Your Life is about to Change

Heart & Artery Formula

Clears Blocked Arteries

Improves Circulation

Lowers Cholesterol

Vision Protection Formula

Dissolves Cataracts

Slows Macular Degeneration

Improves Night Vision

Mind & Memory Formula

Reduces ‘Senior Moments’

Arrests Cognitive Decline

Fights Dementia

Total Immune Support Formula

Fights Sickness, Cold Sores & Shingles

Lessens Colds & Flu

Top Rated Immune Supplement

Good Life Labs Supports More Than Life & Turkey Club America.


In The Beginning Was the Word. Through the Word All Things Were Made. Without the Word Nothing Was Made. In the Word was Life and the Life Was the Light of Men. The Light Shines in the Darkness but the Darkness Has Not Understood It.

λόγος  - “The Word” Brings All Things Into Being.

Now, the Mystery of the λόγος is Revealed to Change Your Life

Passed down from generation to generation since the beginning of time the secret of the λόγος has been entrusted to wise men who have used its authority to speak into being the wants, wishes and desires of those who truly believe and give themselves to its mystical power.

The λόγος was the word that was spoken at the creation of the universe. The λόγος was the word that breathed life into man. The λόγος is the origin of everything that exists and the power behind the essence of life itself.

By harnessing the power of the λόγος the ancient forces of the universe come to your aid to fulfil your dreams, to meet your needs, to heal your body, to bring you love. The power of the universe is only limited by your imagination.

As our Masters of the λόγος speak the words and direct them towards you, your life will change. The λόγος will unleash unimaginable power into your personal situation and bring about incredible change.

The λόγος is not a spell or an incantation performed by witches or magicians. You may well have tried them and found that they do not work, or if they do they can have some very frightening consequences.

Because the λόγος only unleashes the positive power of the universe, it can only do good. It is perfectly safe, there can be no unwanted consequences, you can not be harmed by its extraordinary power.


We want you to be 100% satisfied in your experience of dealing with us and guarantee that we will work with you until you are.

Of course, your request must be realistic - if you ask for immortality it probably isn’t going to happen - and most importantly we ask you to have faith and believe that the power of the λόγος  is going to work for you.

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