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Thank You for your donation to the Ministry of More Than Life.

Whether you are sowing a Seed of Faith whilst seeking an answer to your prayer, giving a Gift of Thanks because your prayer has already been answered or simply making a donation we would love to hear your story.

Please use the form on our Contact Us page to tell us about yourself and your prayers.

You may also wish to visit Turkey Club America to learn how you can help by giving the cost of just one or two meals a month to feed hungry children, families, seniors and veterans.

More Than Life is a 501(c)3 Not For Profit Religious Organization. All donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. A tax receipt will be provided upon request.

Bring God’s anointing to your prayer with The Expect a Miracle Prayer Cloth

Whatever your need, join the power of our prayers with yours and receive the Expect a Miracle Prayer Cloth as a tangible expression that God has heard and will answer your prayer.

Many attest to the miracles God has worked through the anointed Expect a Miracle Prayer Cloth. Healing, finance, a new job, a new car, overdue mortgage or rent, losing weight, restoration of relationships, love, marriage - God is ready to work a miracle for you today. Many have experienced God’s answer to their prayers as we pray together with you that God will hear our prayers and work a miracle in your life today.

To make your request and receive your powerful anointed Expect a Miracle Prayer Cloth... Click here.

Make a Prayer Request and receive the Expect a Miracle Prayer Wristband

Rev Dr Steven and the More Than Life Prayer Ministers pray daily for the needs of those who make a prayer request. Every day we hear of answers received and miracles worked by the hand of God.

Wearing the Expect a Miracle Prayer Wristband that you receive when you make a prayer request will remind you that God is at work answering your prayer.

Whether you are praying for yourself or for another, for health, love, relationships, finance, jobs or any other need God is going to answer your prayer of faith.

To make a prayer request and receive your Expect a Miracle Prayer Bracelet... Click here.

This Book is the Answer to Your Prayer

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Have you ever dreamed that you could have whatever you want?

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Do you need more money than you make every week? Are you desperate to pay the bills? Are you unhappy in a relationship? Do you want to lose weight? Does your body need healing?

God has a solution to every problem that you have, health, wealth and happiness can be yours. God Will answer your prayers and freely give you more than you could ever imagine, you just have to know how to ask. To order click here...